Why You Need to Try Free Printable Fake Pregnancy Papers Today

Have you ever thought about pretending to have a medical condition? Free printable fake pregnancy papers are a great tool for women to use if they want to take some time off from work or their job. There are great templates that you can download to create an OB/GYN or gynecologist’s note that looks authentic.

Research Pregnancy before Putting Together Your Paperwork

Pregnancy is a medical condition that is very easy to fake because most women do not begin to show physical signs of the condition until they are at least 12 weeks pregnant. Once you have selected the papers that you want to use, it is time to edit them. You should research the basic facts about pregnancy and look at other samples of OB/GYN notes for guidance.

What You Need to Include in Your Documents

You should include your name, the date, the doctor’s name, the address of the doctor and the number of weeks pregnant that you currently are. It is important to make people believe what they are reading so use medical jargon such as LMP, due date, number of weeks gestation etc. because these can really enhance the overall legitimacy of the paperwork.

The note should have a doctor’s name that rings true. It is a good idea for women to choose the name of a female OB/GYN or gynecologist because then they can say that they felt comfortable talking to another woman about their pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms that you will need to fake typically include the following:
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Vomiting
• Increased breast size
• Breast tenderness
• Headaches
• Fatigue

Time Your Symptoms to Coincide with Your Excuse Papers

Women who want to fake this condition need to begin faking these symptoms as early as possible so that others around them begin to suspect that they are in fact expecting a baby. Once the entire note has been completed to your satisfaction, you can take your free printable fake pregnancy papers and begin to print them.

Review the Paperwork Carefully

Once you have printed out your papers, you should review them to check for any typos or errors. For example, some people often spell gynecologist wrong. A real medical professional would likely not do this so it is crucial to remove any typos or grammatical errors from the papers.

Have a Friend Look at Your Papers

Consider having another friend who knows about pregnancy evaluate your paperwork. Then, you will be able to gauge how well they might fool people into believing that you are pregnant. Once you have the green light from a friend, you can show the papers to anyone at work or at school and have them believe your ruse. The notes look excellent because of the professional templates that are used.

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