The Science Behind Power Napping

This type of sleep is rumored to have been around for 100’s of years. Its origins date back to mainly being used by artists and travelers from spain.
The benefits of this type of sleep are minimizing the feelings of being groggy or more tired than before you took a nap.

Normal power naps are meant to last no longer than 10-30 mins tops. This allows you to get rest but not enter a deeper sleep than stages I or II.
The results of a proper nap using this method include waking to find ones self more alert, and more thoroughly rested than if you had slept for a prolonged period of time.

Other benefits include enhanced performance and learning. Your ability to memorize new information is said to also increase. Many scientific studies have developed to support evidence that this type of sleep is beneficial.

NASA has also done studies on this type of sleep, finding eveidence that these types of naps can improve certain memory functions.
During days of prolonged learning, training, or working in an environment that requires taking in a large amount of new information, sleep of this kind has shown to help decrease memory overload.

Positive ways of utilizing this technique include limiting your caffeine intake, securing a healthy daily diet, and developing a positive mental routine to follow each nap.

Oversleeping at night can damper the effectiveness of short term sleep. Make sure to have a way of alerting yourself when the alotted time of the nap is completed.
Some of us may need to come up with a method of taking a nap without being caught. Wearing tented glasses and napping in a comfortable upright chair is recommended.

The most successful way of getting away with a nap or two would be to take a short nap after reading this, followed by reading it again. Informing your boss that these naps are boosting your performance rate at work, are backed by scientific research, and are recommended by your doctor, should help minimize tension between the two of you.

If all else fails, take a short nap during an alleged bathroom break! Just be sure to set an alarm of some sort, and bring a padded toilet seat cover. Hopefully you will enjoy many such naps, share this positive information with others, and ultimately feel more rested each work day!