How to Get out of School

Some us do, while some of us don’t and some us like it but would like a break or at least a day off every once in a while. Of course, I’m talking about going to school. Let’s face it we all know that getting an education is important but sometimes we just don’t feel like going. We can make excuses like, “I have a stomach ache” or “I don’t feel good” which are both classics but today’s kids are a little smarter saying instead “I have a migraine.” You could break your leg. You could run away or follow Alice’s example and fall down a rabbit hole. Go to a magic show and volunteer to disappear. You could go on expedition, trying to find the Lock Ness monster or Big Foot. You may even decide to try to find Amelia Earhart. Go hot air ballooning trying to fly to the moon. You could also borrow a rocket and fly to moon. You could be transported onto the Starship Enterprise or be captured by aliens who would like to make you their leader. You could go swimming in the ocean and be swallowed by a whale. You can sail the ocean and become stranded on a dessert island. Going to Egypt to build pyramids, could also be fun. Call Peter Pan and take a trip to Never Never land or maybe Puff the Magic Dragon can give you a hand.


You can claim the Pied Piper came and lead you away. You can climb a beanstalk and spend the day with a giant. Sail away with Blackbeard’s ghost and find buried treasure. How about climbing Mt. Everest to have ice cream on top? You could always tell you parents that the school burned down or moved. Or you could ask that magician to make the school disappear. The Earth could open up and swallow the school. Maybe Big Foot could carry the school away. A tornado could carry you away, so you could ask the wizard to make the school go away, or the big bad wolf could blow the school away. There are many ways to get out of school; the question is which one is right for you.