How to Call in Sick to Work!

Everyone needs to call in sick to work every once in awhile and it can be so irritating when your boss gives you grief or acts like he doesn’t believe you. I have learned some excellent skills on how to call out from work sick son you don’t have to worry about your boss and you can actually have a day to yourself.

When I make the decision to call out sick from work, I make sure that my voice sounds terrible. That way, my boss will surely think I am sick. I yell a lot for several minutes before I make the phone call and make sure my voice sounds hoarse.

Another tip I have is to do my best to call before my boss gets into work. That way I am likely to get his voice mail and he will not be able to try and persuade me to come into work. If I leave a voice mail and he is irritated with me, he will likely forget it by the time I come into work next. Also, although he may be irritated, he will soon get so busy with the work that he has to do that he will not have time to call me back.

The best thing is when your boss has a Blackberry or other smartphone. Then you can send him an email and don’t have to worry about sounding really sick and your boss making sure that you are really sick. If you do end up talking with your boss, make sure your voice sounds terrible. Make sure you sound like cat stuck in a fence or a dog howling at the moon. Make sure you cough and sneeze and hack and hack. Make yourself sound absolutely disgusting and make him so grossed out that he doesn’t want you to come into work. You will know if you have been successful if your boss says to you, “take all the time you need” when you request time off. If you are really concerned with the way you come across, find a clip of someone vomiting online. Play it in the background when you call your boss. He will be stunned and let you off the hook for sure. You can do it and you deserve a day off!