Free Fake Doctors Note? They Don’t Work!

Everyone calls off of work once in a while. Sometimes a mental health day or some time to relax is needed. Unfortunately employers do not feel the same. The only way to convince an employer that a person was really sick a doctor’s note. If a person is not sick they cannot provide this note. Using the internet a person can print a free fake doctors note.

Unfortunately the free versions of these notes often do not fool the employers. A free fake doctors note is often does not include a diagnosis as part of the note. An employee has to fill this part in themselves. Some medical condition requires more time off work than others. A person who is not aware of this may not fill this section in correctly which will immediately tells employers that this note is fake.

A free fake doctors note that is found on the internet is not authentic. These notes are often templates that a person has created using their basic computer program. Once they have made the note they post it online. That is one of the reasons why these templates do not look real. A real doctor’s excuse will have all the information on it about their practice including license number and location. They may also have some form of stamp or seal. This is another giveaway that the note is fake.

While some fake doctor’s excuses are not bad looking they are missing one of the most important parts of a doctor’s excuse. The notes do not contain the signature of a doctor. While many people think this may easy to fake they are not. A person has to first come up with a name for a doctor. It is not advised to use a doctor that is practicing medicine. Then the person has to try to sign the note so it does not resemble their handwriting. This is easier said than done.

If a person is going to call out sick from work it is worth the money to purchase a real doctor’s note template online. These notes are already filled out with the doctor’s information and real medical conditions. The extra money to buy this note will save a person trouble and work and possible save their job.